Joji Baratelli is a director and cinematographer usually in New York, sometimes in L.A., and occasionally in Italy. He graduates from Yale in 2024 with a B.A. in Art & Humanities. Instagram, Vimeo, email.

Selected filmography, direction: Generation Z. Short film. 6m44s, 16mm. Are They a Couple? Short film. 3m22s, hand-processed 16mm. Bad Side, Memmi. Music video. 2m50s, 16mm. Life of a Barber. Short film. 3m5s, 16mm. Back in My Head Again, Levi Evans. Music Video. 3m12s, 35mm. Lo que tuvimos, Baird. Music video. 3m48s, 16mm. Beluga Baby, Baird. Music video. 2m47s, digital. Cinematography: Top Again, Audrey Nuna. Music video. 3m48s, 16mm. Demon, HVN. Music video. 3m31s, 16mm. 4 Milks, Austin Coombs-Perez. Short film. 2m17s, 16mm. Did Me Wrong, Terry Presume. Music video. 2m37s, 16mm. Easy On Them Turns, Baird. Music video. 2m25s, 16mm. Chuck Magazine Promos. Ads. 30s x 7, 16mm. Serpent, Lil Spirit. Music Video. 3m2s, 16mm.

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